Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Is Your Work Displayed in Hilldene Library?

To celebrate National Libraries Day on Saturday 7th February, children and adults were asked to draw their favourite book characters to make up collages in libraries across Havering. In school, year two took part by creating beautiful illustrations of their favourite characters and books from our school library. On a recent visit to Hilldene Library our Spinebreakers spotted a few of their own and their classmates' pictures.
Mr Chicken Goes to Paris and the main characters from Frozen.

Timothy Dempsey's Supertato.


Olivia Wheal's Paddington.

Emily was very pleased to spot her picture of Rapunsel!

Mr Chicken proved popular along with Harry Potter.
Cruz's wonderful picture of Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay from the Scarecrows' Wedding.
Beast Quest.

The Singing Mermaid is Lilly's favourite book in the library so she was happy to see her colourful illustration made-up part of the collage.

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