Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New Books - Paddington Bear Collection

For more than 50 years, stories of Paddington Bear have been loved by children (and adults) all over the world. Read Paddington's adventures by borrowing the latest books we have to offer.
Picture books suitable for younger children;
Paddington - Paperback - 9780007236336 - Michael Bond
The very first story in the series, this book tells the story of how Paddington came to meet Mr and Mrs Brown at Paddington Station.
Paddington Goes for Gold - Hardback - 9780007427727 - Michael Bond
Paddington Goes for Gold
This book was released to celebrate the London Olympics in 2012. Paddington joins the Brown family on a local sports day, but no matter what Paddington does nothing goes quite as planned!
Paddington and the Christmas Surprise
Paddington and the Christmas Surprise
Paddington visits the Christmas Grotto at their local store. Their journey through the Winter Wonderland is full of surprises but the biggest surprise of all is Paddington's present from Santa.
 Paddington in the Garden
Paddington in the Garden
The nicest thing for Paddington about living with the Brown family is sharing their wonderful garden. There are some unexpected results for Paddington during National Garden Week. 
 Paddington and the Grand Tour
Paddington and the Grand Tour
Paddington is prepared for the day ahead, with a suitcase packed with marmalade sandwiches and Mrs Bird's umbrella in case in rains. He sets off for a day trip across London with his friend, Mr Gruber.
Paddington at the Carnival 
Paddington at the Carnival
Paddington enters the Busy Bee Adventure Trail hoping to win a boat trip for two. He discovers that he is very good at spotting things beginning with the letter B, but he is not the only one with his eye on the prize.
Story books for confident readers in year 2 and above;
Bear Called Paddington
The Browns meet a small bear at Paddington Station whilst waiting to collect their daughter Judy. They decide the best thing to do is take the little bear home, but they soon discover that ordinary tasks like taking a bath or travelling on the underground can turn quite extraordinary when a bear is involved!
More About Paddington
Paddington causes chaos as he attempts home decorating, detective work and photography.
Paddington Helps Out
Even when trying to be help the Brown family, Paddington still manages to create chaos!
Paddington Abroad
Paddington is organising a trip abroad for the Brown family, but Mrs Brown worries that, with Paddington in charge, there is no knowing where they will end up!
With Paddington appearing on the big screen in less than two weeks, why not visit the Paddington website to find out more about the creator, Michael Bond and the watch the trailer for the film.

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