Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Key Stage One Spinebreakers Review Leigh Hobbs' 'Hooray For Horrible Harriet'

With Leigh Hobbs visiting Broadford in a few weeks the Spinebreakers thought it was the perfect time to read a couple of his picture books.
The first was 'Old Tom's Big Book of Beauty' - the story of Angela Throgmorton and her pet cat, Old Tom. Angela adores Old Tom but believes there is room for improvement, so she gives him 'The Big Book of Beauty'. Old Tom is transformed and sees less and less of poor Angela as he becomes a regular at star-studded events.
Secondly, they heard the story of Horrible Harriet who (after making no friends at school) decides to create one at home. She adds lots of secret ingredients to her Chicken Surprise, then with an almighty BOOM! Out pops Mr Chicken! Harriet is thrilled to have a new friend, but will he be just as naughty as Harriet?
Here the Spinebreakers review 'Hooray for Horrible Harriet'.
There are a selection of Leigh Hobbs books in the library, take a look next time you visit.

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