Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pupils Sign Up For The Premier Reading League

 So far we have had 70 pupils sign up, creating a total of 14 teams! Take a look at the teams below and the badges they have designed...

Premier Gunners: Kingsley, Prince, Raheem, Jaseem and Yinka
Goal Scorers: Ruby, Daniella, Holly, Lowena and Sabina

Dark Lords: Kieran, Terrika, Nathan, Joe and Kirsty
The Exterminators: Jck, Dawid, Charly, Sam and Chloe
Candyfloss Girls: Holly, Thelma, Maria, Melisa and Holly
The Shield: Harry, Jordan, Fawaz, Endurance and Kynan
Perigrin Falcon: Emma, Ella, Joseph, Louisa and Sophie
The Tigers: Lebohang, Bryan, Athen, Leo and Harry
Team Of The Year: Jack, Fletcher, Toby, Kieran and Tyler
Reading Awesomeness: Dylan, Louise, Amy, Dylan and Daria
The Bombers: Lenny, Adam, Tolu, Nikle and Lucy
The Wyatt Family: Hakeem, Daniel, Success, Kailen and Bailey
S.W.A.T: Junior, John, Jack, Liam and Lucy
Diamond Girls: Dara, Yashvi, Gabriella, Wiktoria and Suzi

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