Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Meet The New Spinebreakers!

When we return next week we will have new Spinebreakers for our library. Our display has been updated already with their photos and their favourite books. We haven't forgotten about our old Spinebreakers though, their Waterstone picks will still be displayed and they will still be able to help out with our fortnightly newsletter. Again, two pupils (one boy and one girl) have been chosen from each key stage two class, and here they are...
Rowan - Suada and Lebohang
Ash - Emily and Charly
Birch - Keeley and Jaseem
Willow - Sharna and Success
Maple - Dara and Yinka
Elm - Lily and Kingsley
These pupils have really impressed me this year with their reading efforts. Like Lebohang, who helped his team to come top in the last Premier Reading League, and Keeley, who is always seen recommending books to her friends. Not forgetting Yinka, who has been a regular visitor after the Premier Reading League began back in September, he has shown a keen interest in writing reviews online. Sharna loves to take part in the competitions and challenges we have on offer and not a day has passed without a visit from Kingsley, who really enjoys reading any kind of book! I hope they enjoy their time as Spinebreakers!

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