Thursday, 12 September 2013

Premier Reading League - Win Tickets To A West Ham Match!

We have 12 tickets up for grabs to watch West Ham play against Sunderland on December 16th.
To take part...
Create a team of six players and give yourself a team name.
For each book that is read your team will earn one point, for each review you write on our Junior Librarian account online your team will earn three points. You have until December 6th to collect as many points as you can. On the last day the two top teams, with the most points, will receive the winning tickets!
We have had 8 teams sign up already, with the following players...
Reading Empire - Tyler, Junior, Charlie, Fawaz, Kieran and Toby
West Ham Bandits - Jamari, Sandra, Lenny, Kirsty, Alex and Tolu
Exploding TNT -Hakeem, Daniel, William, Spoencer, Johnny and Uthman
Diamond Dashes - Sophie, Daisy, Maria, Kieran, Reece and Olamide
Black Hearts - Emma, Ella-Louise, Drew, Joseph, Kieran and Lucy
The Warriors - Albie, Matthew, Sian, John, Alfie and Holly
All Stars Book Demolishers - Fletcher, Daniella, Summer, Jack, James and Holly
Premier Legends - Yinka, Harry, Adam, Kingsley, Jordan and Kynan
The teams are already off to a flying start, some pupils gave up their golden time to gain a few extra points!
To make the competition fair, each book that is read needs to be signed off in the player's reading record. Don't forget, you can review books on your Junior Librarian account at home by visiting
Your username is your full name, all lowercase with no spaces and your password is, broadford.
There will be a second round in the Spring term, where you'll be aiming to win tickets to watch West Ham play against Crystal Palace.
You can create a team at any time during the competition. Every Friday on the Super Reader blog post I will update you on new teams, players of the week and where teams are on the league table. Good luck!

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