Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Premier Reading League Winners Watch West Ham V Sunderland!

On Saturday, the two top teams, Premier Legends and All Time Champs, visited Upton Park where they watched West Ham play against Sunderland. Here's what the boys had to say about the competition and the match...
"It's all over! After a very challenge reading league only Premier Legends and All Time Champions, along with Jack, won tickets to watch West Ham play.There were two things from the match that really stood out for me, the first was Diame who was man of the match, he definitely deserved this title! And second was John O'Shea who almost scored an own goal! Overall, it was a pretty exciting game, but it could have been better with some goals!"

 "It was an exciing game, although, no one scored. Premier Dominations are my team next round and they are going to win!"
"The atmosphere was incredible! It was great sharing this experience with my friends and I'm hoping to win the next Premier League round! All in all, it was a brilliant day!"
Harry Bradley

"It was exciting when we arrived at the stadium, there were so many people! I was on the edge of my seat when Sunderland hit the cross bar and when West Ham's goal was disallowed."
"The view was great! We all cheered on West Ham to win!"
Raheem and Jaseem

"I was so pleased that my reading team won the tickets. I don't support West Ham, but, it was worth going to watch them! My favourite player was Diame. I had a brilliant day, although the walk back to the train station was a little tiring!"

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