Thursday, 19 December 2013

Premier Reading League Round 2 - Teams Already Signed Up!

Children across year two have already been signing up for the second round of the Premier Reading League, that is due to begin on January 6th. To date, we have 12 teams ready to take part, consisting of 60 pupils! This time round they have been creating their team badges to display on the league table. Here are the teams so far...
The members of Premier Dominations had created their team before the last round ended! The players are, Kingsley, Harry, Raheem, Prince and Jaseem.
No girls attended the last West Ham match, but, with their team Pink Panthers, Holly, Lowena, Sabina, Samantha and Ruby are hoping to change that!
Jack, Tobi, Fletcher, Yinka and Fawaz are members of Honey Pops FC!
Spinebreaker Daniella has designed a very pretty badge for her team Frost Bites. Along with Dara, Sophie, Gabriella and Nika, they're hoping to be top of the league from day one!
Emma, Louisa, Daria, Ella and Sophie make up team Hobnobs Unite!
Dylan is leading his team, Reading Super Stars, and is going to support his team players, Isaac, Lucy, Ebony and Simona all the way!
Kieran, Shaun, Tyler, Charlie and Spencer are members of team, Golden Eye!
Success and team mates, Joseph, Hakeem, Daniel and Sandra were eager to create a team together this time round!
Kynan, Samson, Endurance, George and Ben have come up with a badge that combines their two favourite teams, Chelsea and Arsenal.
New players Kailen and Bailey have created team, Premier Kings, with members Terrika, Kieran and James.
Dylan, Harry, Louis, Jack and Tommy are planning on going to war in round two!
Last rounds winning player, Lebohang has come back this round with fellow team members, Tumelo, Bryan, Deborah and Georgia in their team, Cool Kids!
Don't forget you can join the competition at any stage, good luck!

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