Friday, 4 October 2013

Super Readers - Skaiste Reads Her Lithuanian Story

Skaiste was very excited to share one of her favourite stories from Lithuania this week. Skaiste likes this book because it is full traditional tales and couldn't wait to read it in Lithuanian!
Well done Skaiste!
Week Three - The Premier Reading Challenge

No new teams to report this week.
Premier Legends are still in front this week with 103 points! Harry and his team have been commited to attending the library at least once a day to read and write reviews. Please do not be put off by this large number! There are nine weeks still remaining in the first round - plenty of time to catch up!
Congratulations to Jaseem who is player of the week, his team, The All Time Champions only joined last week and have already earned 25 points, keep it up!

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