Monday, 5 August 2013

Log On To Junior Librarian At Home!

I am excited to inform you of the launch of a new online version of our junior school library catalogue.  The new system allows students, staff and parents to view our school library catalogue online, and students are encouraged to use this to help with research, to write reviews about books they have read, and search for new books that they may like to read.

The library catalogue, now searchable online, includes books and audio-visual resources as well as many thousands of approved websites.  You can access the system website at:

The first time you access the system it may ask you to install Microsoft Silverlight; please allow this to be downloaded and installed on your computer as the system cannot run without it.

There is also an App called ‘iMLS’, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Phone 7.  This App can be freely downloaded by going to your App provider and searching ‘iMLS’.

Having the library accessible in this way and having parents engaged with reading will help to support our commitment to improving our student’s literacy standards.
Over the coming days, we will begin to create individual log in details for each pupil.  The usernames
will be your child's full name with no breaks, then the password will be Broadford. Parents can use their child's log in details to track what they are reading and help them to choose future books.
The pupils who will be in year six when they return in September have had their details created and can now logon.

The school is strongly committed to promoting reading for pleasure.  Data from the 1970 British Cohort Study provides strong evidence for the link between children who read for pleasure and success in later life.

 I hope you find the new facility useful and welcome any feedback.

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