Monday, 2 March 2015

Book Sale After School

Author Chris Wormell will be visiting Broadford this afternoon to work with children in Nursery, Reception and years 1 and 2. After school he will be based outside the year 1 classrooms selling and signing copies of his books. Please come over and take a look.
Books on sale;
George and the Dragon - £7.99
Far, Far away in the darkest cave in the deepest valley amongst the highest mountains there lives a huge and terrifying dragon. with his fiery breath and mighty strength, this awesome beast fears no man, but he is afraid of just one thing...
Scruffy Bear and the Lost Ball - £6.99
Scruffy Bear sees a lovely red ball one day, so he kicks it! But the ball belongs to the rabbits and now it's stuck up a tree. Scruffy Bear must get it back, but there are creatures, surprises and lots of climbing ahead for this plucky bear.
The Sea Monster - £6.99
Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, there lives a great sea monster...

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