Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New Spinebreakers 2014/15

When we return in the September we will have 24 new Spinebreakers, including pupils from year one and two! Lots of fun activities will be planned for the Spinebreakers, including a trip to Waterstones where they will be able to select new books for our library.

Year 1
Adam, Paige, Arya and Paige

Year 2
Emily, Ramone, Lilly and Cruz

Year 3
Sienna, Ayomide, Elina and Ethan

Year 4
Candice, Harry, Iasha and Athen (photo to be added September)

Year 5
Sophie, Albie, Sophie and Razvan


Year 6
Tolu, Tumelo, Daria and Jamari


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