Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Day 12 - Twelve Days Of Christmas Challenges

 Answers from yesterday's challenge:

1. b-Grinch's heart triples in size and he joins the Whos for Christmas dinner.    2. d-Father Christmas helps Stick Man return home to his family.    3. a-Kevin is reunited with his mum on Christmas morning.    4. c-Arthur shows he truly cares about the feelings of others and follows in his father's footsteps to become Father Christmas.    5. d-Buddy, along with Jovie and their daughter Susie return to the North Pole to visit Papa Elf.

Now on to the final challenge!

Can you spot the odd one out? Make a note of your answers and check back to see how many you answered correctly.

1. One of these characters doesn't like Christmas, do you know who it is?

a. Christmasaurus    b. Scrooge    c. Jack Frost    d.Rudolph

2. Who doesn't help to make sure presents are delivered on time?

a. The Polar Express Conductor   b. The Winter Witch   c. Santa   d. Reindeer

3. Who is most likely to be on the naughty list?

a. Kipper   b. Pig the Pug   c. Cindy-Lou   d. Danny (from The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas)

4. Who doesn't live at the North Pole?

a. Mrs Claus   b. Elves   c. Easter Bunny   d. Dasher

5. What wasn't left out for Santa on the night he needed a wee?

a. Milkshakes   b. Milk   c. Stew   d. Christmas Pudding

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