Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Day 11 - Twelve Days of Christmas Challenges

 Answers from yesterday's challenge:

1. Snow    2. Night    3. Presents    4. Reindeer    5. Smell

Now on to today's challenge!

Below are five fantastically festive stories acted out on the big screen. Underneath each film are four ways in which the story may have ended, can you choose the correct ending? Make a note of your answers and check back tomorrow to see how many you got right. Good luck!

1. The Grinch possible endings:

a. Grinch moves to a town where no one celebrates Christmas.

b. Grinch's heart triples in size and he joins the Who's for Christmas dinner.

c. Max leaves the Grinch and moves in with Cindy-Lou.

d. The Whos agree with the Grinch and ban Christmas from Whoville.

2. The Stick Man possible endings:

a. Stick Man escapes the fire and makes his way out into the garden where he spends the rest of his days.

b. Stick Man starts a new life in the North Pole.

c. Stick Man takes on the full time job of delivering presents to good girls and good boys.

d. Father Christmas helps Stick Man return home to his family.

3. Home Alone possible endings:

a. Kevin is reunited with his mum on Christmas morning.

b. Kevin travels to Paris to meet his family.

c. Kevin wakes up to an empty home on Christmas morning.

d. The burglars return and take all of Kevin's presents that he left out for his family.

4. Arthur Christmas possible endings:

a. Being the eldest, Arthur's brother becomes Father Christmas.

b. Due to Steve's bad attitude, Christmas was cancelled!

c. Arthur shows he truly cares about the feelings of others and follows in his father's footsteps to become Father Christmas. 

d. Mrs Claus takes on the role of delivering all the toys on Christmas Eve.

5. Elf possible endings:

a. Buddy opens a shop where Christmas is celebrated all year round.

b. Walter moves to the North Pole to be with Buddy.

c. Buddy returns to the North Pole to live with Papa Elf.

d. Buddy, along with Jovie and their daughter Susie return to the North Pole to visit Papa Elf.

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