Monday, 21 December 2020

Day 10 - Twelve Days Of Christmas Challenges

 Answers from yesterday's challenge:

1. A Boy Named Christmas     2. Angel of the North     3. The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch     4. The Night I Met Father Christmas     5. The Dog who Saved Christmas

Now on to today's challenge!

Can you fill in the missing words? Don't forget to make a note of your answers and check back on tomorrow's blog to see how many you answered correctly!

1. He began scooping handfuls of ________ and rolling them into a giant snowball.

2. "Don't worry," squeaks Mouse. Hare says "It's all right. We'll keep you busy all day and all ________."

3. Now it was time to re-wrap the ________. But how? Norman didn't have any sticky tape!

4.The ________ wear their underpants, lit up all bright and glowing, with neon pants to light the way, it helps to show where they're going!

5. So from that day onwards, the groups got on well. And they loved the sprouts dearly, in spite of their ________!

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