Friday, 17 March 2023

Reading Assembly - Inspiring Stories

Miss Myers shared Nathan Bryon's thought-provoking tale, Look Up! During a holiday to visit her grandparents, Rocket is shocked by the amount of rubbish that is left littering their beautiful Caribbean island. Rocket feels passionate about clearing their island of plastic pollution. This book can be found on the Year 1 Reading Tracker.

The KS2 assembly was lead by Miss Wyatt. The story introduced was 'The Boy in the Back of the Class'. Told from a child's perspective on the refugee crisis, this story highlights the importance of friendship and kindness. This book can be found on the Year 4 Reading Tracker.

105 Books to Read Before you Leave Broadford

Well done to Emma, Asher and Harry for reading five books featured on their reading trackers. They have all earned their Bronze Certificates.

Well done to Manreet, Emma, Mateo, Asher, Harry and Sofia for earning their Silver Certificates by reading ten books.

Well done to Mateo, Leo, Nathaniel, Harry and Zachary for reading all fifteen books and earning their Gold Certificates!

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